Rugby Scholarships for International Students 2024

Rugby Scholarships for International Students

Being competent in rugby provides doors to a variety of opportunities, and it’s much better if you also have a strong academic record.

You will not only be able to study at prestigious colleges throughout the world, but you will also receive free support, including scholarships worth up to 100% of your tuition, which may be used to cover educational expenditures.

Furthermore, your skills in this activity may lead to a future in professional rugby, which will undoubtedly be rewarding.

To be honest, studying outside of your native country is expensive, especially if you plan on attending a school in a wealthy country.

Its fees are high for the majority of its population, particularly international students, who typically spend twice as much as domestic students do.

Allowing these Rugby Scholarships for International Students to pave the road for you is one of the greatest possibilities available.

Another excellent alternative is to take advantage of the scholarships offered by these colleges, including academic awards, which can often be more valuable than athletic scholarships.

Furthermore, the United States offers the finest rugby scholarships, followed by the United Kingdom.

It is worth mentioning that these scholarships are highly competitive for citizens of the country that offers them, and even more so for international students.

Rugby Scholarships for International Students

Rugby Scholarships for International Students

1. NCAA D1 & D2 Rugby Scholarships

The United States college rugby scene is still evolving, as seen by the first Major League Rugby (MLR) Collegiate Draft, which took place in June 2020.

As a result, the monetary value provided to students is significant but not as substantial as headcount scholarships, which are full-ride athletic scholarships.

It is worth emphasizing that as college rugby increases in the United States, more funding will be available to recruit more excellent players, including international students.

Anyway, in the United States, both NCAA D1 and D2 offer rugby scholarships to international female students through college coaches, implying that any college that competes in either of these divisions offers scholarships for their student-athletes.

These colleges include the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, St. Bonaventure University, Fordham University, the University of North Texas, the University of Connecticut, Queens Davenport University, and Notre Dame College, among many others.

2. University of Stirling (UK)

The University of Stirling has partnered with the Stirling County Fosroc Super6 rugby franchise to offer scholarships to student-athletes. This is one of the rugby scholarships for foreign students that permits them to apply for further scholarships.

Some scholarships available include the £2,000 International Undergraduate Scholarship.

Scholarships for undergraduate students from England, Wales, Northern Ireland, EU, and internationally valued £2,000

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3. Bond University (Australia)

Bond University has partnered with former Wallabies captain John Eales AM to award the John Eales Rugby Excellence Scholarship.

The scholarship is offered to two great rugby union players (one male and one female) who will be mentored both on and off the field.

The scholarship pays the entire fee for recipients and is expected to be very competitive. Aside from the monetary benefit, academics will be able to network with elite players, coaches, and top-tier teams from a variety of sports.

In addition, while enrolled, scholars will receive a $20,000 living allowance.

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4. Brunel University London (UK)

Brunel University London is another college that provides rugby scholarships to overseas students and has partnered with Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club to provide financial support to great players from all around the world.

Scholars will get not just financial help but also professional rugby training, backroom team assistance, medical, nutritional, and personal support, as well as degree study.

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5. University of College Cork, Ireland

The Moss Keane Rugby Scholarship, worth €5,000, is awarded by the University of College Cork in Ireland to both undergraduate and graduate domestic and international student-athletes.

To be eligible for this award, applicants must meet the academic requirements for admission to UCC or be full-time registered UCC students.

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6. University of Bristol – International Rugby Scholarships

The University of Bristol is ranked among the top ten universities in the UK for sporting achievement, so you can expect to enjoy a successful student-athlete experience here. They also offer scholarships to help you cover your school fees.

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7. Rugby School Thailand

This is one of the Rugby Scholarships for International Students given to students who enroll Rugby School Thailand and demonstrate exceptional academic performance.

The scholarship covers up to 20% of tuition, and students can enter the school as scholars in Years 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12.

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8. UBC Rugby Scholarships (Canada)

The University of British Columbia Rugby offers academic and athletic scholarships to citizens, permanent residents, and overseas students. Enrolling at UBC is extremely competitive, as are the other scholarships we’ve featured.

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9. Loughborough Sports Scholarship (UK)

Loughborough University offers scholarships of up to £5,000 to student-athletes who participate in sports such as rugby. The grant is offered to both UK and international students pursuing Master’s and Research degrees.

Scholars will receive free membership to Powerbase, one of the largest strength and conditioning gyms in the country, as well as membership to the Athletic Union club and a campus parking permit.

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10. University of St. Andrews Sports Scholarships (UK)

The University of St. Andrew, like all of the other Rugby scholarships for international students on our list, established its Athletic scholarships to attract and then financially support exceptional students who want to continue their sport at a high level while also furthering their education at St Andrew’s.

The school offers both Saints Rugby Performance Scholarships and St Leonard’s Masters Scholarships for men’s rugby.

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11. Newcastle University Sports Scholarships

Newcastle University offers sports scholarships to both undergraduate and postgraduate student-athletes, regardless of nationality.

To be eligible, applicants must not only be one of their students but also have received senior or age group representative honors at the national and/or regional levels in the previous 12 months, as well as be a member of the National Governing Body’s (NGB) performance squads or equivalent.

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12. Lincoln University Rugby Scholarship (New Zealand)

The Lincoln University Rugby Award offers $6,000 and requires applicants to try out and play for their particular Lincoln University athletic code for the period of the award. The only international students eligible for this scholarship are Australian citizens.

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In conclusion, it’s as if we listed more Rugby Scholarships for International Students; however, you should be aware that in the United States, all schools that operate NCAA D1 and D2, NCR, and junior colleges provide athletic scholarships.

In the United States, the majority of rugby scholarships for international students offered in the United Kingdom are sponsored by schools rather than athletic organizations.

Essentially, all colleges in the United States that offer any of the aforementioned division levels award scholarships.

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