Artificial Intelligence Scholarships for International Students 2024

Artificial Intelligence Scholarships for International Students

Artificial Intelligence Scholarships for International Students: Are you an aspiring student interested in exploring the area of artificial intelligence?

Our extensive list of scholarships is specifically designed for overseas students who want to further their education in artificial intelligence.

These fully supported programs enable motivated students seeking Masters, PhD, or Bachelor’s degrees in the vibrant subject of artificial intelligence.

With the expanding global demand for AI specialists, these scholarships are more than just financial aid; they are stepping stones to fascinating, future-proof jobs.”

“In the field of artificial intelligence, staying ahead of the curve is critical, and what better way to do so than by obtaining a scholarship that meets your academic requirements?

Each scholarship on our handpicked list provides a unique combination of financial support and academic brilliance, ensuring that your artificial intelligence experience is both enriching and transformative.

Explore our varied selection of artificial intelligence scholarships and take the first step toward achieving your academic goals.

Remember that some of these scholarships may have the added benefit of not requiring IELTS, making them available to a broader spectrum of students.

Artificial Intelligence Scholarships for International Students

Artificial Intelligence Scholarships for International Students

Win a scholarship for artificial intelligence and machine learning from one of the world’s best providers.

In general, we propose that you check into Erasmus+ fundings, as students from most countries throughout the world are eligible to apply for them. Meanwhile, we’ve compiled a list of non-traditional scholarships for AI courses that you might consider applying for!

1. Feuer International Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence (MPhil/PhD)

The Feuer International Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence (MPhil/PhD) is distinguished and extremely competitive.

The scholarship, which is granted by the University of Warwick annually, offers three financing packages:

  • Full MPhil/PhD tuition fees for 3 years (home, EU or overseas)
  • Stipend at the UKRI rate plus a top-up of £2,000 per year (£15,009 + £2,000 in 2019/20)
  • Support for travel, equipment, and research.

The Feuer overseas scholarship is open to everybody, including overseas applicants.

Outstanding PhD students are also expressly mentioned. In 2019, the scholarship received 200 applicants.

The Feuer International Scholarship application deadline is in March each year. Always check the official website for the most recent information.

2. Queen Mary University in London

Queen Mary University in London provides a variety of AI-related majors. Our favorite is Machine Learning for Visual Data Analytics (MSc), which provides hands-on experience and excellent career chances.

When it comes to finance, you have two options: examine available scholarships and bursaries or look at country-specific grants for international students.

3. Chevening Scholarship

Chevening scholarships are also available for programs at Queen Mary University. We prefer this scholarship since it is highly prestigious and covers tuition, housing, living expenses, and airline tickets.

Other majors linked to AI are also worth considering! Here is a link to Queen Mary University’s additional machine learning master’s degree programs.

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4. Bold360 Artificial Intelligence Scholarship Program

Bold360 is a leader in AI chatbots and human support, so it’s no surprise that they’re offering this incredible scholarship.

Their objective is to enhance everyone’s access to education while simultaneously supporting the future leaders of the artificial intelligence business.

Applicants must be studying in the United States, have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and submit an essay on a predetermined theme.

The total amount awarded for this scholarship is $6,000 ($5,000 for tuition and $1,000 for books). The essay that was submitted was used to determine the winner.

5. LastPass STEM Scholarship Program

LastPass has created an initiative to help students pursue degrees in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM).

A student who receives this scholarship will receive $10,000 for tuition and $2,000 for books.

Aside from the criteria that a student majors in or plans to major in STEM, students must also be studying in the United States and have a GPA of at least 3.0.

Furthermore, applicants must submit an essay explaining why they should be awarded this grant.

We believe that this scholarship is an excellent method to fund your AI studies if your preferred university is located in the United States.

6. DeepMind Scholarship

DeepMind offers a scholarship to MSc students studying computer science. Windsor Fellowship and University College London (UCL) have jointly organized this scholarship for MSc students studying Computational Statistics and Machine Learning, Machine Learning, Robotics and Computation, Data Science and Machine Learning, Computer Graphics, Vision and Imaging, and Information Security.

This scholarship is designed for students who fall into at least one of the following categories: women, students of African or Caribbean descent, and students from households with an annual income of less than £25,000.

DeepMind scholarships are an excellent option to fund your studies at one of the world’s leading research universities.

7. Intel® Edge AI Scholarship Program

Udacity provides a large number of free AI-related programs and tutorials. Here, you can browse the available AI courses and filter out the free ones.

We believe that these courses should not be overlooked because they are taught by industry leaders and will help you improve your resume when applying for a degree scholarship.

Furthermore, Udacity and Intel provide the Intel Edge AI Scholarship. This award is intended for students interested in learning how to work with computer vision deep learning models.

The first phase of the scholarship competition involves an initial basics course in which candidates will spend 2.5 months optimizing deep learning models.

750 top students from the initial stage of the competition will get scholarships to the Intel® Edge AI for IoT Developers Nanodegree program.

This seminar will teach participants about the OpenVINO toolkit, which allows Python and C++ programmers to interact with pre-trained deep-learning models via an API.

This curriculum provides real-world industrial experience with cutting-edge technologies, which will be valuable for your future job.


The most available scholarships in the world are for PhD study. This is especially true for artificial intelligence, which is still expanding and improving, relying heavily on scientific study. Finding a PhD scholarship is simple in certain countries since potential students receive a work contract and a salary that covers living expenses. In other circumstances, research laboratories may use their funds to support PhD students.

Checking out the country-specific scholarships available to overseas students is a great method to locate the correct financial support for your PhD. For example, the Swedish Institute provides scholarships at all levels of study. On their website, you can quickly check what chances are available for the appropriate level of study.

If you’re looking for a scholarship in a comparable field, you might want to consider studying blockchain development. Scholarships for blockchain development are in high demand, as it is one of the fastest-expanding sectors in a range of companies.

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