8 Affordable Scholarships for Masters in Business Analytics

Scholarships for Masters in Business Analytics

Scholarships for Masters in Business Analytics: Anyone interested in advanced analytics employment may consider an online MS in Business Analytics (MSBA), an online MS in Data Analytics, or a comparable degree title (e.g., MSEA).

With a few exceptions, online MBA programs will not be thorough enough to meet your needs.

Some MS programs may also allow you to specialize in a specific sector, such as marketing or accounting analytics. There are several low-cost solutions in our ranks.

16 Most Affordable Scholarships for Masters in Business Analytics

Scholarships for Masters in Business Analytics

1. Amberton University

One of the country’s cheapest online analytics graduate programs can be found deep in the heart of Texas.

Amberton’s Online Master of Science in Enterprise Analytics (MSEA) costs one-quarter the price of a Tesla.

Before moving on to subject-specific courses, you will first earn credits in research methodology and ethics.

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This involves analytical work in accounting, marketing, human resources, and operations. You’ll finish with a capstone that combines a number of analytical methodologies.

Before you take the plunge, look up your teachers in the faculty directory and speak with the program coordinator about your technical proficiency.

This online MSEA offers to teach the tools and techniques required for AI and machine learning applications, as well as essentials like data mining, predictive analytics, and linear programming.

Many candidates hold a bachelor’s degree in business. If you do not have the qualification, you can complete a 3-credit requirement in competitive business analysis.

2. Kent State University

The cost of Kent State’s is super-affordable for a full-time, 12-month program. Part-time studies will cost somewhat extra.

If you are willing to commit, you will learn everything from database management, data mining, and predictive analytics to leadership and communication.

The MSBA requires at least two mandatory machine learning (ML) courses (which can be supplemented with electives) and a final internship.

Internships are unique in online MSBAs, so we’re glad to learn that Kent State’s AACSB-accredited College of Business has incorporated supervised field experiences into the curriculum.

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You can also take a capstone as an elective and work on an industry-provided analytics challenge.

Talk to recent alumni to learn about their job endeavors. Kent State accepts individuals from many backgrounds as long as they have some prior experience with business, applied statistics, and information systems. It also provides an online MBA in business analytics.

3. Athens State University

Are you interested in becoming a market research analyst, an operations research analyst, or another similar position?

You may want to look at ASU’s Online Master of Science in Strategic Leadership and Business Analytics.

The curriculum combines leadership classes, work in operations planning and control, and technical studies in business analytics. We also enjoy how it involves an analytics practicum and a final capstone project.

ASU is an upper-division university that only accepts transfer students and adult learners, making it a unique addition to our inexpensive listings. So it’s understandable that the ACBSP-accredited College of Business has created flexible graduate programs for distance learners.

4. University of Alabama

Earning an analytics degree will equip you for a data-driven world. UA’s hyper-specific Online Master of Science in Marketing—Marketing Analytics program includes a variety of strategic and technical courses.

You will learn about statistical data management and methodologies, advanced data mining, and advanced marketing analysis.

5. Western Illinois University

WIU’s interdisciplinary Online Master of Science in Applied Statistics and Decision Analytics provides numerous opportunities to design a technical degree with corporate credits.

You will learn about applied data mining in business, business analytics and forecasting, management science tools and techniques, and the latest statistical software.

Once you reach the optional stage, you can take courses ranging from econometrics to stochastic models.

The degree culminates with a three-credit thesis, elective, or decision sciences internship.

It is a serious program intended for serious thinkers. John Deere and State Farm are two Fortune 100 firms with headquarters in Illinois, and WIU is eager to meet area demand for business analytics specialists.

6. Northern Kentucky University

NKU’s Online Master of Science in Business Informatics—Business Analytics allows you to study the relationship between information systems (IS) and analytics.

You’ll learn about systems analysis and design, information security and governance, and IT project management before moving on to electives in business intelligence (BI), analytics, and blockchain.

Accountants can also pursue an Online Master of Accountancy (MAcc) in Data Analytics and Visualization at NKU.

While studying data visualization methods, forensic accounting strategies, and business intelligence systems, you can strengthen your knowledge of tax research and practice, advanced auditing, and strategic management accounting.

NKU’s inexpensive online degrees are provided by the AACSB-accredited Haile College of Business, which has received positive feedback from previous business and accounting students.

The 12-month online MBI in Business Analytics is designed to prepare you for BI and data analyst positions.

The 10-month Online MAcc program is designed to help you prepare for CPA practice in the areas of regulation, auditing, attestation, and financial accounting and reporting.

However, NKU recommended that you review your state’s CPA certification requirements before applying for the MAcc.

7. Murray State University

SaaS architecture basics. ERP systems. Agile methodology. Murray State’s technical The Online Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)—Business Analytics program is jam-packed with hands-on learning opportunities.

You’ll be trained on common programming languages (such as R and Python), predictive analytics, business analytics models, and more.

8. Trine University

MSBA candidates can compare Trine’s Online Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) to other cheap programs in our rankings.

It immediately begins instruction in statistics and quantitative methods, analytics tools and technologies, data science, and data mining and visualization.

Business training will include financial modeling, operations and supply chain analytics, corporate finance, and project management. The program concludes with an industry-focused capstone.

The MSBA program is offered by the College of Graduate and Professional Studies (CGPS) and taught by adjunct faculty.

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