How to Apply for the Elephant Learning Scholarship 2024

Elephant Learning scholarship

Mathematics is not for everyone. We understand it! Almost half of first- and second-year students already have arithmetic anxiety! Elephant Learning purpose is to encourage kids to master mathematics.

They also provide scholarships for people interested in their program. This page explains how to apply for elephant learning scholarship.

About Elephant Learning Scholarship

Elephant Learning scholarship

Elephant Learning was developed by mathematicians who wish to teach their children based on the latest research in early education.

The major purpose of Elephant Learning is to teach youngsters how to understand and apply mathematics in practical situations.

When you join Elephant Learning, you will receive full support. Elephant Learning puzzles and reports are basic.

They help you understand what your child is working on and what you can do to make learning more accessible outside of the classroom.

They’ve dealt with pupils who are anxious about arithmetic as well as students who enjoy it. Whatever the scenario, we are your trainers to help you achieve your objectives.

They cover everything from counting to algebra, and we created our algebra program to assist university students grappling with higher-level arithmetic. If your child falls behind in math, our resilient algorithms can swiftly adjust to their level.

The Elephant Learning scholarship is considered supplementary. However, the subjects we are studying are essential.

These things make other subjects in the curriculum easier to understand. The ultimate result is a child who understands the teacher’s classroom.

All applicants are invited to apply. Special attention is dedicated to

  • Family members with low and middle incomes
  • Military/Homeschooling Families
  • Young Students and Special Needs
  • STEM Students
  • Student-Athletes
  • Musicians or students in the student arts

A scholarship can cut tuition to as little as $10 per month.

To apply, CLICK HERE


Will this work for my ninth grader?

Elephant Learning covers topics ranging from counting to algebra. If your student is working on one of these areas or suffering from upper-level mathematics, our approach was designed to assist them. They use a placement exam to determine their initial level of understanding and then begin to incorporate intuition and insight into the topics at their level of understanding. How can I tell if my student understands the course material?

Their system teaches and evaluates. They are measuring skills in understanding the language of mathematics. This means that the student will be able to use the resources outside of the system in the real world. As a teacher or parent, you can use their reports to learn how to extend learning beyond the system, or you can utilize our history to repeat actions in real life to determine if your kid is producing the materials.

How does your math coach help my student acquire confidence?

Their coaches are specially qualified to assist students who are anxious about arithmetic. They use the mechanism as a basketball hoop. In basketball, it is physically impossible to shoot for the player, but in mathematics, we can occasionally undermine the student’s confidence by providing too much information. Essentially, they aim for the player. Their coaches are trained to let students take the shot while simultaneously providing knowledge to help them understand the solutions instinctively.

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